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Seomjingang Embankments

Seomjingang River Embankments

  • Telephone Inquiries : Gurye-gun Cultural Tourism Office +82-61-780-2390
  • Public Transportation : Bus to Yeonsoksa Temple/Piagol from Gurye Bus Terminal - off at Toji Township Office - walk 50m toward Hadong until Otter Observation Point sign - follow signs for approx 10 min) (Inquiries : Gurye Bus Terminal +82-61-780-2730~1 Guryegu Station +82-61-782-7788)
  • Taxi : Gurye Town +82-61-782-3342 / +82-61-782-1221

Seomjin River Embankments

Seomjin River Embankments

Walks along the river embankment bring back fond memories for the 7080 generation. An embankment is a dike of sorts, installed on the banks of large rivers to prevent floods or large-scale water damage. The Seomjin River embankment stretches all the way from Gokseong to Hadong, of which the section passing through Gurye-gun is ideal for walks along the riverside, taking in the scenery. There is an otter observation point along the way, which attracts even more walking enthusiasts to this already popular spot. Driving along NH19 from Gurye Town toward Toji Township, visitors arrive at the Toji Township Office. Past the office is directly visible a sign leading to the otter observation point. Following this sign, visitors will arrive at the embankment, above which they can look down across the Seomjin River waters. The Seomjin River Embankment, at about 2.2km in length, is perfect for a leisurely hour-long stroll, and is an outstanding eco tourism spot, with its observation spot for the endangered otter. The view of the sunset in the early evening hours between 6 and 7 o'clock is an especially fascinating sight.

The Endangered Otter

The endangered otter, which is incredibly rare in other areas, is a relatively common sight here. Observing the otters, one can realize once again the importance of protecting nature and the significance of the effort to restore endangered species.

Ideal for Walking

The Seomjin River Embankment is very long, stretching all the way from Gokseong to Hadong. However, it is not just a road. Visitors walking the Gurye section can enjoy the riverside landscape while cooled by the gentle river breeze.

Eco Tourism

The Southern Jirisan National Park Service offers an eco tourism program along the Seomjin River Embankment. Anyone may participate, and the program is operated in groups of 20 or more.