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Road to Nature GURYE


How to get here

How to get here

Local Transportation

GPBT for Intercity and County Buses : +82-61-780-2730~1
Guryegu Station : +82-61-782-7788
Call taxi : +82-61-782-3546, 9900, 1001, 6569, 8811, 2737, 3311
Local Transportation
From By Directions
Seoul By Train
Train from Yongsan Station, Seoul to Guryegu Station
KTX : 2 trains daily, 3 hours
Saemaeul Line : 4 trains daily, 4h20min
Mugunghwa Line : 9 trains daily, 4h50min
By Bus
Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal - Gurye
Approx 3h10min, 7 buses daily
By Car
Gyeongbu / Jungbu Exp.Way → Cheonan – Nonsan Exp.Way → Honam Exp.Way → Suncheon
3h30min ~ 4h
By Plane
Seoul Gimpo Airport to Gwangju/Yeosu/Jinju airport – connect to bus or taxi
Busan By Train
Bujeon Station → Suncheon Station,
transfer to train bound to Gurye at Suncheon Station
By Bus
Seobusan Intercity Bus Terminal → Gurye Terminal
10 buses daily, approx. 3h
By Car
Namhae Exp.Way → Suncheon-Wanju Exp.Way (No.27) at Suncheon IC or National Highway from
Hadong to Gurye – approx. 2h
Gwangju By Car
Honam Exp.Way → National Highway from Gokseong of Seokgok Tollgate
88 Olympic Exp.Way → Suncheon-Wanju Exp.Way (No.27)
Approx. 1h10min
By Bus
Intercity bus from Usquare Bus Terminal, arrive Gurye via Gokseong
Approx. 1h20min
Daegu By Car
88 Olympic Exp.Way → Suncheon-Wanju Exp.Way (No.27) at Namweon Interchange
Approx. 2h20min
By Bus
Seodaegu Intercity Bus Terminal → Gurye Terminal via Namweon Terminal
(Buses to Namweon : 7 buses daily, approx. 2h / Buses to Gurye : 12 buses daily, approx. 40min)