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Road to Nature GURYE

Jirisan & Seomjingang

Jirisan Hiking Course

Key Jirisan Hiking Trails

There are largely five different courses by which hikers can climb Jirisan.
From Gurye-gun, through Hwaeomsa Temple
From Namweon-si, Jeollanam-do, through Baemsagol valley
From Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, through Macheon village
From Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, through the Bupgyesa and Daeweonsa Temples
From Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, through Ssang-gyesa Temple.

Of these, the course from Gurye past Hwaeomsa temple, Nogodan, Banya Peak, to Cheonwangbong, is the most ideal.

Key Jirisan Hiking Trails

Piagol → Nogodan Course (12km, 5~7 hours)

Piagol → Nogodan Course (12km, 5~7 hours)Dotted with small ponds and waterfalls, the course boasts primitive forests and beautiful views of nature.
(Yeongoksa Temple → Piagol Shelter → Imgeollyeong → Nogodan)

Main Ridges Course (32.5km, 2 nights and 3 days required)

The most attractive course for hikers, but forbidden during the winters or in bad weather.
(Hwaeomsa Temple → Nogodan → Imgeollyeong → Samdobong → Hwagaejae → Tokkibong → Myeongseonbong → Byeoksoryeong → Deokpyeongbong → Jangteomok → Tongcheonmun → Cheonwangbong → (hiking trails lead down from Baekmudong → Macheon, Daeweonsa Temple → Pyeongchon, or Gyesa → Junggye-li)

Hwaeomsa Temple - Nogodan (7km, 3~4 hours)

Hwaeomsa Temple - Nogodan (7km, 3~4 hours)The most well-known course, past Hwaeomsa Temple to Nogodan. The path is bordered by streams and lush pine forests, and is open to hikers year-round.
(Hwaeomsa Temple → Chamsaem → Jungjae → Jipseondae → Nunseopbawi → Munaenggi → Nogodan)

Seongsamjae Course (2.5km, 1 hour)

Seongsamjae Course (2.5km, 1 hour)Novice course.
(Gurye → Seongsamjae Rest Spot → Munaenggi → Nogodan Shelter → Nogodan Peak)

Banyabong Course (6.2km, 3~4 hours)

Banyabong Course (6.2km, 3~4 hours)An easy beginners' course.
(Gurye → Nogodan Shelter → Nogodan Peak → Imgeollyeong → Norumok → Banyabong)

Jungsan-li Beopgyesa Temple Course (5.4km, 4 hours)

Jungsan-li Beopgyesa Temple Course (5.4km, 4 hours)Although the shortest course to Cheonwangbong, steep inclines make this course quite challenging for the novice.
(Jungsan-li → Kalbawi → Mangbawi → Beopgyesa Temple → Cheonwangbong)

Baemsagol Course (9.2km, 4~5 hours)

Baemsagol Course (9.2km, 4~5 hours)Numerous spots along this course have interesting legends behind them, adding to the fun. Recommended course in the spring, summer and fall, but trekkers need beware in the winter or in bad weather.
(War Memorial Hall → Takyongso → Ganjangso → Shelter → Hwagaejae)

Chilseon Valley Course (9.7km, 5~6 hours)

Chilseon Valley Course (9.7km, 5~6 hours)Couse closed in the winter and in bad weather.
(Chuseong-dong → Dujiteo → Seonnyeotang → Chilseon Waterfall → Ma Waterfall → Cheonwangbong)